Monday, January 27, 2014

The Surprise Honeymoon

     For months, the honeymoon destination remained a mystery.  Those who knew were sworn to secrecy.  Jordan agonized over keeping everything a secret.  He wanted to make sure it was a surprise.  Well it worked.  December 21st came and as we arrived at the airport I still did not know where we were going.  I had my guesses since he did tell me to pack swimsuits and shorts, but the possibilities were endless.

     "Final destination, Antigua," the flight attendant confirmed as we checked our bags.  Antigua!!  "Where is that again?" I asked Jordan.  He laughed, "Are you excited?"

     The next seven days we were in paradise.  Of course we had our little bumps along the way such as delayed flights, our plane unable to land in Antigua until the second attempt, sunburns, missing shower heads, and bug bites, but they just helped our trip be more exciting.

     Every day started like this: "So what do you want to do today?" one of us would ask.  "Do you want to go to the beach, take a nap, get a smoothie at the bar, or swim in the pool?"  Yeah, it was rough.

We definitely had our fill of banana smoothies.  

We got some reading in.  

And people watched from our lanai out onto the beach. 

We left the resort one day to walk through the villages and up to an old British fort that looked out onto our part of the island. 

Our last day we took a boat ride around the island.  We snorkeled, held a real life sting ray, swam onto the white sand Rendezvous Beach (we did pass on the Rum Punch), and had lunch on an isolated beach. 

We loved our time in the sun but were happy to come home to Texas.  Every once in awhile though we find ourselves wishing that we could slip back into our bathing suits and enjoy the peaceful time we had in Antigua... if only for a few hours.

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